Data Protection Services

Unsurpassed care of electronic and magnetic media

When you store electronic and magnetic media off-site, you're protecting against loss from a natural or man-made disaster. If a loss occurs, our facility will either transfer back-up media to your workplace or move them to your designated hotsite, according to your disaster recovery plan.

Temperature & humidity

A specially designed vault is in place at RCI's Data Management Center for accommodating magnetic media. This vault is equipped to maintain constant temperature (70 Degrees Fahrenheit) and constant relative humidity (45%) in coordination with standards set by PRISM International. The vault is also protected against, fire, flood, and unauthorized entry.

Fire prevention

The vault is constructed with a standard minimum four-hour fire rating and is protected with a leading fire suppression system.


Protecting computer media, micro-media, and vital records requires a secure environment including motion, heat, smoke and fire detection systems monitored 24 hours a day by a central station. Security systems on entrances provide additional protection to safeguard your most vital information.

Tape rotation

Tapes are typically rotated based on standard long-term schedules, set in advance or through short-term rotations determined by our customers. This information is communicated in a variety of methods with the most efficient being electronic communication.

The RCI facility can receive ASCII files output from TMS systems to maximize speed and avoid any data entry errors. Tapes requiring delivery to customers, either via preset schedules or via short-term schedules avoid data entry errors through "posting" of these lists directly to electronic picklists. RCI systems can recognize a variety of barcode label formats during rotation activity including the commonly used "tri-optic" label.

Offsite Film Archives and Data Vault Storage Solutions

Records Central wants to be your computer tape storage, film & sound archives and electronic media management partner. We offer the facilities, the security, the technology, and the experience to assure the protection of your valuable information. You can count on us to exceed your expectations.

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