Information Management Solutions

Our Electronic Content Management solutions provide secure access to your data from anywhere. You can manage native electronic and scanned hardcopy documents in a single, indexed and searchable, integrated system with robust workflow processes. Multi-level access controls allow you to easily organize and share documents with the people who need them and limit access to those who don't. Our Data Protection Services help ensure that your valuable electronic data is safe, whether from natural disasters, hardware failures, or human error. Records Central works with Carbonite online backup to provide industry leading backup services in addition to our backup tape rotation and tape archiving services.

For Hardcopy Records you can take advantage of our secure document storage and retrieval, delivery, indexing, destruction, and consulting services. Our record center facilities, complete with barcode tracking, system-driven workflows, and sophisticated records management systems, keep your records protected yet easily accessible. Collections can be managed remotely with Web-based access to business records and 24x7 customer service. Our Secure Shredding Services can handle all your needs whether you need scheduled office pickup, major purging projects, or destruction of stored files.

Records Central is committed to providing you with industry leading customer service and support. Our customer representatives are cross-trained to service every client and experienced service managers can handle specific account requirements. As a result, each client has access to a dedicated team of professionals who care about their business and always respond to their needs.