File Indexing

Not being able to find the information your company needs, when it is needed, is costly. Whether during an audit or attempting to earn a new account, the ability to have the necessary information at your fingertips can save vital time. Our file indexing service, helps to make certain that you will have access to your files when you need them.

File indexing saves time

With file indexing our staff will catalog your file inventory and provide your company with a complete listing of all of your files. This information is then placed into a searchable format. And because your files are indexed by multiple fields, it is possible to find the file you are looking for with only part of the information. File indexing allows you to run detailed reports on your files, making it easier to manage your companyís file inventory. Your labor hours will be more productive, because employees will no longer need to spend time searching for information.

File indexing conserves valuable office space

In addition to saving time, file indexing helps to conserve valuable office space. With your companyís file inventory, you can make your records management program more efficient by determining which files should stay in the office, which can be sent to records storage, and which are no longer necessary to keep. Also, if the file you need is in records storage, there is no need to have the whole box sent to your office just for one file. This reduces the number of boxes sitting around in the workplace, helping to control the risk of security and compliance violations.

Records Centralís file indexing service can be a valuable asset to your records management program. File indexing organizes your records, and ensures that you will be able to retrieve them when necessary.

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