Hardcopy Records Management

The Best Offsite Hardcopy Document Storage Environment

Whether you have inactive business records retained within boxes, or active hospital records best retained on open shelves, Records Central provides the ideal document management solution at competitive rates.  Records Central manages millions of boxed records and inactive files for our valued clients. Client records receive unique barcode identification to allow for scanning and tracking ensuring accuracy, efficiency and accountability at each point of movement.

A World Class Service Culture Unique In Offsite Record Center Management

Records Central takes great pride in its unsurpassed, world class  service culture - a benefit that clearly distinguishes us from our competition. We are fortunate to have first rate team members personally manage client requests from initial contact through to delivery. And, we hold them all accountable - while guaranteeing a constant improvement process - by tracking each movement of every item thereby measuring accuracy and timeliness.


We became the industry's #1 service provider by implementing state of the art technology combined with an unrivaled team of experts, dedicated to personalizing record storage management services to our clients' needs. We will happily provide references that will attest to the quality of our customer-driven services. By choosing Records Central for your offsite file storage and off-site file management needs, you benefit from a proven team of quality people, competitive rates and a family oriented world class  service culture.

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