Scheduled Shredding Service

Due to increasing awareness of security and privacy laws, the amount of information that needs to be securely destroyed is becoming paramount. If your organization generates sensitive infomation to be destroyed, RCI offers a scheduled shredding service to fulfill this need. This is beneficial if you find your company has a lot of information sitting around that needs to be shredded or if you are requesting a shredding service on a regular basis. We will schedule your shredding service based upon your company’s needs.

Scheduled shredding service saves employee time

With scheduled shredding service, your employees no longer have to spend time standing at the company shredder. Unless you invest in an industrial shredder, it can take hours to shred documents.

Scheduled shredding service promotes compliance with your records management program

Scheduled shredding service educates your employees on what information can be thrown away and what information should be destroyed. This may aid in training them to be mindful of what they throw in the trash, reducing your risk of compliance violations.

Reduces the amount of information stored onsite or in records storage

When employees do not know what to do with information, they may be tempted to put that information in a filing cabinet or send it to records storage. They may be less likely to do this, if they can identify that it is something that can be destroyed.

We adhere to the highest standards in the destruction of confidential information

After your information is destroyed, you will be given a numberd Certificate of Destruction. RCI maintaines a database of your certificates. If you ever require a duplicate, we can provide one.

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