Secure Document Destruction Services

Is this You?

Are you or your staff spending valuable time shredding documents?

Are you concerned about the security of your company and customer information until you have time to shred them?

If so, Records Central can help you with our Secure Shredding and Destruction Services!

Secure Shredding Bin Rotation

Records Central can provide secure document collection bins to customers in several sizes and in several different designs that offer an alternative to the security risks of standard trash or waste receptacles. These locking containers can then be emptied and the contents shredded or pulped on either an as needed basis or at regularly scheduled intervals. Placing these secured bins in high traffic areas where photocopying or faxing services are most prevalent offers Records Central, Inc. customers the best possible solution in preventing a common security risk associated with theft of business information.

Records Central will create a custom collection and destruction program for your office. Contact us at 216-881-6970 for a quotation.

Plant Based Shredding

Records Central's plant based shredding takes place in the same high-security access-controlled facilities where we securely store hardcopy records. Our technology ensures that the information on each and every document is completely destroyed.

Our environmentally safe process of pulverization or pulping documents designated for destruction provides a secure, safe and efficient method of document disposal. All materials are recycled into new paper products, reducing your company's impact on the environment! Records Central provides a certificate of destruction to every customer, certifying that your materials have been completely destroyed.

Walk-In & Drop-Off Shredding

Records Central offers retail drop off shredding for individuals or companies that have just a few boxes or bags of material to be destroyed. If you need someplace to bring old checkbooks, bank statements and other files, come see us.

One Time Document Purges

Sometimes you get behind in the day to day maintenance of your files. Old materials can build up until you have whole file rooms full of unneeded documents that need to be purged so you can store current files. Or maybe you are moving your offices and want to get rid of obsolete files instead of paying a mover to transport them only to clutter up your new space. Maybe you just need to get rid of another year's worth of papers that are beyond their retention period.

If these scenarios describe you, talk to Records Central about a one time document purge. We can provide large secure bins that make it easy to clear out entire filing cabinets or rooms of old documents. We respond quickly to your requests so that you can complete your purge project on your timetable.

Secure Collection Containers

Records Central offers a variety of secure document collection containers for scheduled shredding pickups or one time projects. Our Secure Shredding Containers come in sizes from 9 gallons all the way up to 96 gallons. All containers utilize secure lockjaw technology to prevent unauthorized access to shredding materials.

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