Records Central

Records Central, Inc. was founded in 1969 as a small box storage company in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years, the company has added shredding, scanning, data protection and electronic content management (ECM) services to become the full service Information Management provider it is today. Throughout its history, RCI has worked to stay on the forefront of Records and Information Management technology with the goal of providing the highest quality services to our customers.

Choosing The Right Environment

Records Central manages tens of thousands of containers and files for our customers. Whether these records are less active and can be retained within boxes, or whether they are active to semi-active and are better retained on open shelves, Records Central offers the right environment and the right solution at competitive rates. All records receive unique barcode identification to allow for point-to-point tracking when the come to our facility and when they are delivered back to the customer

A Service Culture

Records Central prides itself on an unsurpassed service culture. We are fortunate enough to enjoy the personalized relationships we have cultivated within the markets we serve. This approach allows each member of the team to personally manage requests from initial contact through to the process of delivery. Further, tracking every movement of every item gives Records Central the ability to measure our accuracy and timeliness and achieve ongoing and constant improvement in each process.

We have been very successful in helping our customers improve productivity, increase efficiency and enjoy overall cost savings within their existing records management programs. We accomplish this by providing consistently accurate services; by hiring, training, and continually motivating good people; and by personalizing our data storage solutions to each customer's needs.

Offering Flexible Solutions

No two clients are exactly alike. Records Central can work closely with you to determine the best mix of onsite vs. offsite, of paper vs. electronic documents, and electronic vs. manual delivery systems. Our customized client solutions guarantee your satisfaction.

Records Central believes that the best way to serve you is quietly and confidentially. We know that we won't succeed unless you count on us as a trusted and reliable member of your team. We have the tools and the security to ensure absolute confidentiality.

And we can guarantee the best service in the industry to our clients by using state of the art technology, combined with experienced and caring people. We can provide you with a list of clients who will attest to the quality of our customer-driven services. With Records Central, you choose a team of quality people ensuring that our clients get nothing less than the best possible results at competitive rates.

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