Digital Archiving

Disorganized records or records kept in multiple locations can make it difficult to locate information when you need it. Not being able to find files when you need them can be costly. Labor hours spent searching for information is non-productive and time wasted. If your company is having trouble quickly accessing information, a digital archiving project may be a cost-effective solution in the long run. With a digital archiving project older records that are still accessed on a regular basis are scanned, drastically reducing the time it takes to locate them. However, the proper front end planning is needed to ensure your project will run smoothly. Our educated staff already knows the considerations that should be taken into account with digital archiving, and we will be able to assist you with making a customized plan that will work for your company.

Customized service

Records Central is invested in making your scanning project a success. We are educated on the best procedures for scanning documents and the common issues that should be addressed in the planning of a digital archiving project. For example, we can help determine which records should be scanned and which should not. Also, we will help you determine the best indexing system for your imaging project, making sure that your information will be easy for your employees to locate. Our customized planning ensures that your project is a success, and you will not have to suffer through trial-and-error consequences.

Cuts down on labor time and valuable office space

Imaging projects are labor intensive. The records have to be prepared for scanning, and this takes time. Allowing us to do the preparation work for you helps to ensure that your employees are able to focus on their main responsibilities. Also, you save the valuable office space that is required for an imaging project.

No need to invest in expensive equipment

High quality imaging equipment can be costly. Because we are invested in successful imaging, we use and maintain the highest quality imaging equipment. Plus, you will not have to worry about maintenance or upgrades.

Experience with proper scanning procedures

Our staff is trained to use the proper procedures when scanning records. We know how to scan different types of records from small pieces of paper to blueprints.

In order to reduce the need for additional digital archiving, you may consider incorporating a day forward project as well. This will eventually streamline most of your records to an electronic format so that an entire set of information is in the same place physically. You will not have some paper records and some electronic records. With everything in one format, you will have better access to your information when you need it. Records Central can assist you in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Digital Archiving
  • Selective scanning improves access and distribution of highly active records to compliment offsite storage of less active hard copy documents
  • Conversion of hard copy documents, microfiche and microfilm to searchable electronic records
  • Ensure security and compliance through controlled access to vital company records
  • Upload to secure web-hosted repository or transfer to client's media
  • Store original disk as disaster recovery backup in an Records Central Media Vault

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